12 Presentations of Bachelor's theses (Thursday) 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm
24 Pål Stenmark
"The Botulinum neurotoxins"
7 Tore Bengtsson, 12:00-12:45
"Adrenergic signaling and insulin-mediated glucose matbolism: Where two distinct pathways cross?"
28 Claes Andréasson
"Chaperones in protein quality control"

David Dávila, Presentation of Master's thesis
"Design of chimeric neuropeptide analogues based on galanin and substance P to obtain a possible effect in the treatment of Major depressive disorder"

15 Moataz Dowaidar, Licentiate Seminar 2 pm-4 pm
"In-silico design of peptide-based transfection systems, in-vitro validation and uptake pathways investigation"
17 Kristin Webling, "GRILL" at 2 pm
21 Daniel Twohig

"Assessing the role of alpha-synuclein in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease"

31 Kristin Webling, Dissertation for PhD at 1 pm in Magnélisalen
4 Kalicharan Patra
"Assessment of Kallikrein-6 as a biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease- extracts from two separate cohorts"
11 Elzbieta Glaser
"Mitochondrial peptidases relating to amyloid-beta pathology"
18 Tönis Lehto, Licentiate Seminar
”Acylated cell-penetrating peptides for nucleic acid delivery”
9 Simon Moussaud
"Allele-specific expression of apolipoprotein E isoforms"
18 Hakim Mohammed Jaffer Ali, "GRILL" at 1 pm
"Multifaceted roles of the transmembrane nuclear envelope protein, Samp1"
23 Artita Srimanee, "GRILL" at 1 pm
"Cell-penetrating peptides targeting glioblastomas for nucleic acid delivery in the blood-brain barrier model"
30 Presentations of Master's theses
31 Hakim Mohammed Jaffer Ali, Dissertation for PhD at 10 am in Magnélisalen
7 Daniel Vasconcelos, "GRILL" at 1 pm
"Cell-penetrating peptide complexes with oligonucleotides:
Structure, binding and translocation in lipid membranes"
8 Carmine Cerrato, 80 % seminar at 12 am
9 Artita Srimanee, Dissertation for PhD at 10 am in Magnélisalen
13 Jessica Lundqvist, licentiatseminarium at 1 pm
"Estimation of acute toxicity by using the differentiated neuronal progenitor C17.2 cell model"
16 Daniel Vasconcelos, Dissertation for PhD at 10 am in Magnélisalen