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Presentations of Masters theses 2017

Thursday January 11 2018 the masters students in Neurochemistry present their theses in Heilbronnsalen. The presentations commence at 9.30 am. and close at 10.55 am.

Programs and courses

The teaching programs cover neurochemistry from basic to advanced levels, peptide - and protein chemistry, gene regulation, molecular and cellular biotechniques, and other methodological approaches commonly used in neuroscience.

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Anna-Lena Ström, Director of Studies

  Telephone: +46-08- 16 1267
  Fax: +46-08-16 13 71
  Visiting address;
  Department of Neurochemistry
  Svante Arrhenius väg 16B, room M440
  Mailing address:
  Department of Neurochemistry
  Stockholm University
  S-106 91 Stockholm