Jakob Regberg: Rational design and applications of cell-penetrating peptides

Niina Koistinen: The adaptor protein FE65 and APP processing

Muhammad Aslam: The fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster GSTE6 and E7; characterization, immobilization and transgenic overexpression

Veronica J. Larsson: The roles of inner nuclear membrane proteins during interphase and mitosis

Luís Daniel Ferreira Vasconcelos: Oligonucleotide Complexes with Cell-Penetrating Peptides: Structure, Binding, Translocation and Flux in Lipid Membranes

Hakim Jaffer Ali: Nuclear envelope protein interaction studies



Abiodun Ajayi: Study of molecular mechanism(s) underlying neurodegradation in SCA7 disease: Role of NOX enzymes and oxidative stress

Henrik Helmfors: Cell-penetrating peptides; an uptake mechanism & a new endosomolytic peptide



Staffan Lindberg: Rational design of novel cell-penetrating peptides

Andrés Muñoz-Alarcón: Cell-penetrating peptides and oligonucleotide delivery



Linda Tracy: Amyloid-beta dependent regulation of CCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP)delta

Xin Yu: Studies of factors affecting intracellular toxicity of the SCA7 disease protein ataxin-7: focus on ataxin-7 degradation and oxidative stress



Kristin Jacobsen: Processing of the APP family by the alpha-secretases ADAM10 and TACE

Marie Danielsson: Development of a new protective group for tryptophan

Kariem Ezzat Ahmed: Cellpenetrating peptides; chemical modification and formulation development



Johan Runesson: Galanin receptor ligands

Tom Gatsinzi: Neuroblastoma cells: in vitro studies on childhood cancer and amyloid precursor protein processing enzymes



Peter Guterstam: Cell-penetrating peptides, novel synthetic nucleic acids, and regulation of gene function. Reconnaissance for designing functional conjugates

Per Lundin: Cell-penetrating peptides in delivery of splice-correcting oligonucleotides



Sabine Hankel: Studies on inflammatory myopathies and adult neurogenesis



Mikael Erlandsson: Solid phase synthesis, applications for synthesizing peptides and small organic molecules

Mikael Falkhed: Solid phase synthesis, applications for synthesizing peptides and small organic molecules



Marie Beckman: Neuronal differentiation and cell death: Investigation in vitro with focus on the gene regulation of Alzheimer´s beta-amyloid precursor protein (APP) and its homologues (APLP1 and APLP2)



Stefan Wallin: Lipid peroxidation and energy metabolism in neuronal cells cultivated under different conditions



Norma Suarez: Manganese neurotoxicity: A study on the uptake, distribution and cellular toxicity of the trivalent ion, using an in vitro model