Three-dimensional (3D) imaging of complex biological structures is in the frontline of neuroscience. The major advantage and novelty of these methods are that they allow analysis of large samples - including entire brain nuclei and projections. They may thus reveal so far hidden information concerning the organization principles of the healthy/diseased brain. iDISCO volume imaging (immunolabelling-enabled three dimensional imaging of solvent-cleared organs) is a powerful method enables three dimensional (volume) imaging of cleared and (double/triple) immunolabelled structures in complex tissues. Its short time clearing makes iDISCO especially suitable for immunostaining procedures. It allows both qualitative and quantitative approaches, in combination with light-sheet microscopy and the ImarisTM analysis software.  Light sheet microscopy will enable us to image quickly very large fields of views (max. a cm in size).

In our lab we recently introduced iDISCO technique and apply for the visualization of rodent and human brain tissue samples. In my talk I would speak about the principles of 3D immuno-imaging techniques (CLARITY, CUBIC, iDISCO), about light sheet microscopy and would show some examples of iDISCO imaging.