12 Presentation av självständiga arbeten, kl. 13:30-16:30

Pål Stenmark
"The Botulinum neurotoxins"

7 Tore Bengtsson, OBS! kl. 12:00-12:45

"Adrenergic signaling and insulin-mediated glucose matbolism: Where two distinct pathways cross?"

28 Claes Andréasson
"Chaperones in protein quality control"
14 David Dávila, Presentation av självständigt arbete
"Design of chimeric neuropeptide analogues based on galanin and substance P to obtain a possible effect in the treatment of Major depressive disorder"
15 Moataz Dowaidar, licentiatseminarium kl. 14
"In-silico design of peptide-based transfection systems, in-vitro validation and uptake pathways investigation"
17 Kristin Webling, "GRILL" kl. 14
21 Daniel Twohig

"Assessing the role of alpha-synuclein in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease"

31 Kristin Webling, Disputation kl. 13 i Magnélisalen
4 Kalicharan Patra
"Assessment of Kallikrein-6 as a biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease- extracts from two separate cohorts"
11 Elzbieta Glaser
"Mitochondrial peptidases relating to amyloid-beta pathology"
18 Tönis Lehto, licentiateseminarium

”Acylated cell-penetrating peptides for nucleic acid delivery”

9 Simon Moussaud
"Allele-specific expression of apolipoprotein E isoforms"
18 Hakim Mohammed Jaffer Ali, "GRILL" kl. 13
"Multifaceted roles of the transmembrane nuclear envelope protein, Samp1"
23 Artita Srimanee, "GRILL" kl. 13
30 Presentation av självständiga arbeten
31 Hakim Mohammed Jaffer Ali, Disputation kl. 10 i Magnélisalen
7 Daniel Vasconcelos, "GRILL" kl. 13

"Cell-penetrating peptide complexes with oligonucleotides: Structure, binding and translocation in lipid membranes"

8 Carmine Cerrato, 80 % seminarium kl. 12
9 Artita Srimanee, Disputation kl. 10 i Magnélisalen
13 Jessica Lundqvist, licentiatseminarium kl. 13
"Estimation of acute toxicity by using the differentiated neuronal progenitor C17.2 cell model"
16 Daniel Vasconcelos, Disputation kl. 10 i Magnélisalen