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Staffan Lindberg, Dissertation for PhD

"Cell-penetrating peptides for oligonucleotide delivery: Design and uptake mechanisms"

Santhosh Kumar Gudise, Dissertation for MD

"The Functional Organization of Nuclear Envelope Proteins" - Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medicine at Karolinska Institutet

Kariem Ezzat, Dissertation in Neurochemistry

"Cell-penetrating peptides; chemical modification, mechanism of uptake and formulation development"

Johan Runesson, Dissertation in Neurochemistry

"Delineating Ligand-Receptor Interactions and the Design of Subtype Selective Galanin Receptor Ligands "

Marie Danielsson, dissertation in Neurochemistry

"Development of antimicrobial peptides: Methodological aspects, design, synthesis and evaluation of a new class of antimicrobial peptide"


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