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Helena Lindström, Licentiate Seminar

"Equine glutathione transferase A3-3: an efficient steroid isomerase"

Jessica Lundqvist, Licentiate Seminar

“Estimation of acute toxicity by using the differentiated neuronal progenitor C17.2 cell model”

Tönis Lehto, Licentiate Seminar

"Acylated cell-penetrating peptides for nucleic acid delivery "

Moataz Dowaidar, Licentiate Semniar

"In-silico design of peptide-based transfection systems, in-vitro validation and uptake pathways investigation"

Cecilia Bergqvist, Licentiate Seminar

"The role of nuclear membrane proteins in differentiation and chromatin organization"

Artita Srimanee, Licentiate Seminar

"Peptide-based delivery to glioblastoma studied by a blood-brain barrier model"

Kristina Attoff, Licentiate Seminar

"In vitro developmental neurotoxicity of acrylamide"

Kristin Webling, Licentiate Seminar

"Galanin receptor ligands: Design, synthesis, characterization and biological effects"

Jonas Eriksson, Licentiate Seminar

"Kinetic assays for RNA-cleaving deoxyribozymes and other nucleases"


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