Receptors for neurotransmitters and their ligands are described from a chemical-pharmacological point of view and the relevance of these molecules and their interactions for development of tolerance, supersensitivity and long term potentiation are discussed. Aspects of neurochemistry as a basis for neuropharmacology are discussed. The course is useful for advanced studies in biology or chemistry or for work in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Entry requirements

Chemistry 60 credits, basic level, of which 7.5 credits in biochemistry or 60 credits in biology, basic level, of which 9 credits in zoological physiology, or corresponding courses. English B


Basic Neurochemistry: Principles of molecular, cellular and medical neurobiology. Editors ST Brady, GJ Siegel, RW Albers & DL Price. Eighth edition, 2012, Academic Press, ISBN: 978-0-12-374947-5
Hand-outs will be available in connection with the first lecture and through-out the course.


9 weeks full time studies

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